TRACK La Fleet Management Solution

Efficient, Safe and Profitable Fleet Operations

how it works

Real-time Live Tracking and Notifications

View Location and Status of your vehicles in real time. View driving path and accurate speed of moving vehicle. Get location based notifications including geo-fences. Share vehicle location with your customers on demand via share link.

Eagle Eye

At a glance, you can see where your vehicles currently are and where they are moving as well as current drivers and recent routes.

Data Driven

  • Real-time Location
  • Current Status
  • Driving Speed
  • Location Sharing

BIG DATA Makes smart decision

Get More Insights from Your Real-Time Data

Visibility on key business metrics: fleet utilization, driving behavior, fuel consumption trends, fleet health and upcoming services. View trends and find actionable insights.

Get results

Fast Start-up without Hassle

The deployment of software can be done instantly! You can use it immediately and saving tons of time for development.


Works For Your Business

Fleet Management is a must solution for your business, not only saving your operational cost, meanwhile increase the work efficiency.

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